Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile lasts as long as you want it to. It is one of the floors that will add value to your house. It's great in the kitchen, greatroom, bathrooms and foyers. Ceramic is easily to design into a custom floor just for you. You can add borders or accent tiles to creat your own unique look!

Ceramic underlayments have greatly changed for the better in the last few years. Now most of the tile we install is over an antifracture membrane to minimize the movement of the ceramic, thus fewer cracking grout joints or tiles!

One important note here, we use only high quality mortar setting materials. To set a tile with a cheap mortar would go against our standards.

We offer many brands to choose from;

American Olean 


Dal Tile 

Heat Your Tile to Create a Warmer Room

Heated ceramic will be a great addition to your floor or shower.

Just imagine getting into your ceramic shower in the cold winter morning and having the tile or stone flooring already warm.

Your kitchen tile floor will be a treat to your feet when they get on your heated tile floor.

We have used many systems, most all have a programable thermostat to heat just the times of the day when you want it. You can even have different settings for different days.

Ask us about our Five Year Shower Warranty!

We also do Ceramic and Natural Stone Backsplash and countertops.

Ceramic Showers

With epoxy or urethane grouts the worries of mold are almost non-existant. Non cement grouts don't absorb water and therefore are less likely to support mold growth. In addition some have anti-microbial additives to further prohibit mold growth.

Tile shower floors can be heated and customized to meet your needs. Handycap accessable showers are also something we do. We waterproof the walls and floor of your shower. Ask us how this is different.

Speaking of grouts we now have glow in the dark grout! Also gold, silver or copper sparkles!