No More Dust

Dust, Dust, Dust - No More D U S T!

Dust is a hazzard for you, your house, your HVAC system, your floor finish as well as our employees...SO we have done away with dust in our sand and finishing system. Over the past several years we have invested in several different dust vacumm systems and equipment. While we don't believe sanding will ever be 100% dust free, we are somewhere in the 90+ percent range.

There are dust containment systems that advertise 100% dust free, but I believe after looking into those systems they are refering only to airborne dust, not the dust they will leave behind and get tracked through the house and kicked up into the air. So be careful about what you read.

That being said there is Dust Free refinishing that does not involve sanding, but that is only for some floors. Call us to see if your floors can be done.

Back to that dirty word Dust... with our vacumm equipment you no longer have to remove your dishes and clean your kitchen cabinets because we were sanding in the kitchen or dining room. You no longer need to put up plastic in the door ways to adjacent rooms ( not that they really helped).

It works that well!


There are more finishes on the market today than ever before.

Most of the new finishes, if not all are water based to reduce harmful vapor emissions.

The water based finishes we use can usually be walked on (light foot traffic) in only three hours...normal foot traffic in 24 hours for some commercial finishes. The final cure of most water based finishes is 7 days as opposed to 21 days for oil based finishes.

Most water based finishes are more wear resistant than their oil based predicessors. They have lower odor and faster recoating time than the oil based.

Northern and eastern Virginia have banned oil base finishes due to their high pollutant content.

Ask us which water base finish is right for your home.


Your choice of stains is limited only to the colors of your imagination and the size of your budget.

Most stains will be chosen from one of the stain charts of manufactures we use, but occasionally we get involved with pastels or other staining techniques.

There is also stenciling available, border staining and different applications to suit your needs.

Staining is done for several reasons.

Sometimes people use darker stains to give a more formal appearance. Darker stains will require more maintainance than lighter ones because they will tend to show more dust and scratches.

Sometimes you stain a floor to camouflage floors that have had a rough life and have some stains in the wood that can't be removed by sanding. We can do board replacements to correct some of these problems.