Hard Wood

Hardwood Flooring

Wood is a natural, renewable resource, it's beautiful warmth will add value to your home or business, and last a life time if taken care of properly.

Wood and Ceramic are our specialties, we spend a great deal of time keeping up to date on the latest in products and techniques. Whether it is pre-finished you need or unfinished, we have you covered. We will use our experience to make your choice as easy as possible. While none of us work on commission, we all strive to work together to bring you what you want, while staying in your budget.

Hardwood is Great!

With todays maintainance products wood is easy to maintain.

No more waxing to keep your floors looking good. Todays finishes and cleaning products are more user friendly than ever.

Rooms with wood flooring can easily be accented by area rugs.

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Prefinished Wood Flooring

The advantages of prefinised wood are often overlooked.

Prefinished wood if nailed or stapled can be walked on immediatly after installation. No waiting for the finish to dry, or the glue to set up.

Prefinished floors come in a variety of colors and species as well as price ranges.

They come in solid wood or more envronmentally stable engineered. The finishes on prefinish wood flooring are more wear resistant than those of unfinished.

Engineered flooring can be installed above, on or below grade. Moisture from high or low humidity will not affect engineered flooring as much as solid wood.

Both prefinished and unfinished wood floors will add value to your home.

Wood floors are great in most rooms except for bathrooms! High traffic is not a problem, there are commercial finises in both prefinised and unfinished.

Unfinished Wood Flooring

The custom color and finish of unfinished flooring give you the freedom to chose your own color and finish shine.

A jobsite finished floor will show the grain of the wood better than prefinished and the grain will help hide any scratches.

You can also chose your shine level, from Gloss or Semigoss to Satin. Satin or Semigloss will hide more dust and scratches than gloss, so most of customers pick one of those to reduce the frequency of maintainance. It will still need to be cleaned reguarly.

Unfinished most often is used in solid wood, and in our area is still consittered the mainstay of the wood market.

While it's true the prefinished will wear longer, most prefinished manufactures fill the grain to where it is furniture smooth. Therefore any scratches you do get will be more noticeable.

Unfinished gives you more flexability in color and design than its prefinished counterpart. Both make great floors.