Carpet is soft and warm!

Carpet is still the mainstay of many, especially in bedrooms where bare feet are usually found. Carpet is affordable, comfortable and offers many styles and colors to chose from. We sell all the major brands; Shaw, Mohawk, Beaulieu and more. Our staff will work with you to help you find a carpet to best suit your needs and budget.

If your looking to carpet your home, a room or your business we are here to suit your needs.

Commercial or Residential

Majestic Flooring, Inc. is here to meet your carpet needs. We will come measure your home or business, or we are also quite capable of doing take offs for our commercial bid work.

Residentially carpet comes in 12 or 15 foot widths, we will work to minimize seams and keep them out or traffic areas as much as possible.

Most residential carpet will need to be power stretched, this is the only way to have a warranty from most manufacturers. We don't "kick" the carpet in, we actually use a power stretcher. This may take a little longer, but it is the the right way to install it, and will keep your manufacture warranty.

Carpet cushion.

Carpet like most flooring is only as good as its foundation. Cushion comes in many styles and weights. Yes weights, oddly enough the tradition of selling carpet cushion based on its weight is still used. This weight is what the cushion weighs in a cubic foot. So an 8 lb cushion weighs 8 lbs per cubic foot.

There are several different types of cushion.

Bonded or Re-bond cushion is one of the most popular. It is made of scrap padding from other industries. For instance the auto industry will have cut offs from padded dash boards and seats. This is ground up and 
"bonded together" with more foam to create bonded cushion. Some of these cushions are then laminated with a waterproof membrane to prevent liquid spills or pet urine from getting into the cushion. This membrane also helps in carpet cleaning by repelling the cleaning fluid, not absorbing it. More of the cleaning liquid can then be removed from the carpet along with the dirt.

Different thickness cushions are used with different carpets and needs.

We offer only high quality cushion, if it were free, it would be worth what it cost.

Purchase a quality cushion, it will extend the life of your carpet. A medium carpet and a good cushion is more durable than a good carpet and poor cushion.

What fiber is right for your use?

The carpet manufacturers have been busy creating new styles and colors and fibers to meet your needs.

There are three main carpet fibers.

1) Nylon

2) Olefin

3) Polyester

Nylon is best known for wear. It has been around for a long time, and in the last few years it has undergone many changes by all manufactures to give you more.

Nylon is available as its famous old self in durability. However it also now can come in the later generations of softer feeling, almost like wool.

Nylon can now come in its most soil and stain resistance ever. These later generation nylon fibers don't come with out a cost. The better the carpet the higher the cost.

Olefin is more stain resistant than your standard nylon, but no where near the wear resistance. It is therefore used in loop pile carpets and berbers to give it more wear ability.

Olefin is also more affordable than most nylons, making it a good choice for economic installations.

Polyester fiber is a good in between. It offers good stain and soil resistance along with improved wear over olefin fiber. Like all fibers there are the older versions and the newer ones.


When spot cleaning fresh spills use cold water and blot do not rub or agitate carpet. Blot it dry, then wet till spot is removed. A little soap may be added to water, but make sure the final rinse is water a couple of times to remove all traces of soap. Cold water will get most things. For pet urine you may want to add some white vinegar instead of soap. Be sure to rinse!